2 - 3 Hours

The Family Sauce

Magical, you’ve made it to how to make the Guarino family sauce recipe!



Tomato things

One of Dad’s Bottles or Two cans of San Marzano Tomatoes (One crushed and One Whole)

The can of whole tomatoes give you those nice lovely chunky pieces of tomatoes so if you don’t like big chunks of tomatoes use two cans of crushed.

If I have to make a second lasagna for Paul, add another can of crushed so you’ll have enough sauce.

For each can you add, it means you need to add half a can of water.

Tomato paste (optional)

This is something I’m currently experimenting with, but I think it’s a nice addition



Pack of mushrooms

Half an onion (white or yellow)

Whole eggplant

If you’re cooking for Jen, obvi don’t use eggplant, I substituted zucchini last time and it was delicious. I used about 2 large zucchinis.



Pound of beef (if you’re cooking for Paul get a pound and a half)

If you want it fatty choose 80% if you want it leaner pick 90%

Last time I made this I got boujee beef from whole foods from the meat counter and I swear that beef was magical





Salt + Pepper

Few Cloves of Garlic

You can also use like 3/4 scoops of the minced garlic

An assortment of garnishes

I add whatever I find to my sauce in terms of seasoning:

  • Red pepper flakes, although you need to be careful because just a little will add a lot of heat to your sauce

  • Parsley / Basil

  • Italian seasoning, I throw a bunch of this shit in


20181009_175855122_iOS (2).jpg

The Veggies are always

the first step

  1. Chop up the mushrooms, eggplant (or zucchini)

  2. Add them to a large pot with lots of oil, salt and pepper

    I tend to use a large amount of oil here cause you wanna make them all sloppy.

  3. Cook on medium, stirring intermittently until they are sloppy (while this is happening start the Preparing the sauce pot below)


Preparing the sauce pot

  1. Chop up the onions and crush the garlic

    IF YOU ARE MAKING MEATBALLS - Use a whole onion and add extra garlic

  2. Add them to a large pot(YOUR BIGGEST POT) with oil

    IF YOU ARE MAKING MEATBALLS - Take a scoop or two (in terms of a large stirring spoon) to use w your meatballs. (around 1/4 cup)

  3. Cook on low heat, stirring intermittently until the onions become glassy


Meat time

  1. Open the cans of tomatoes / or bottle (but don’t pour them in anywhere)

    This always stresses me out so I do it before I start cooking the meat.

  2. Add the pound of beef to the meat prep pot


    • Op 1. You can save a quarter of the beef for the meatball mixture and add a quarter of the jimmy dean sausage pack to your sauce

    • Op 2. You can just use all the beef in the sauce and all the sausage in the meatballs and do nothing rn.

  3. New step! Squeeze some tomato paste

    I squeezed like four times maybe? Until it made the meat easier to stir

  4. Salt and pepper!

  5. Once the meat is lightly browned pour in the bottles or cans of tomatoes.

  6. Add a half a can / bottle of water to each can or bottle you add.

    Ex. If I had two cans of tomato add one can of water.



Combine all the things!

  1. When the veggies are sloppy (usually takes the same amount of time as Preparing the Sauce + Meat time) add them to the large pot!

  2. At this point I usually add all the random garnishes. A handful of Italian parsley, Italian seasoning, more salt, more pepper, and anything else you like!

  3. Bring the sauce to a boil. Once it’s boiling turn it down to a low/medium heat where it bubbles lightly and put on the pot cap half on/off.

  4. and if you want to make meatballs, this is now your time to begin them!


Stir the sauce occasionally over the next couple hours.

The longer you cook it the better it will taste, if it starts to become too thick just add more water. Stop cooking it when you like the thickness for whatever you’re making.

If you’re making sauce for lasagna you want it more watery so it can spread better and soak into the pasta.

If you’re making sauce for pasta you can make it thicker.

I recommend tasting it with bread, cause it’s delicious.